Every Ripple XRP Holder Must Watch This! Breaking: HUGE Job Offerings & Gold Standard/ End Of FED!

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  1. The Gold standard in some form will come back, it’s a given faith and confidence is crumbling in fiat as they print to i finity its a matter of time

  2. Rainbow currency Judy Shelton. β€œBack to the future” Gold, silver, palladium, platinum standard US Digital dollar infused with XRP plumbing technologies?

  3. The Corona Virus is the pin that popped the debt bubble. Too many leveraged Longs have caused Bitcoin & Gold to dump to great prices for us. Accumulate these cheap prices, you will thank yourself in 12 months for doing this. Its these times.. that true wealth is made. 90% of people are selling out, so you take the other side.I still plan on buying a little bit more Btc in the next couple days. I have exactly 14 BTC left on my Nano. I am indeed grateful for the services of Mr Douglas Murray whose trade patterns have been the secret behind my huge cash out on bitcoin trading. I have strong faiith in hiis strategies and he can also help you make huge gains from trading. Y’all can reach out to him through His * Mail *(Douglastrading10@gmail. com)” or Whatsapp +1 (832) 413-2374..

    • I am so happy to see this here, here in Florida, they adore Douglas just because of his extraordinary trading pattern everybody uses to make gain.

    • I have never seen anybody making so much profit from bitcoin even at the bear market, He is really a bitcoin guru Douglas Murray my mentor

    • I stop caring and panicking about bitcoin price ever since i started using Douglas strategy, it gives me gain daily even with the downtrend

    • Always backup your trading with a good strategy, else the bear market will hit you so hard, and you might wake up losing your saving, that’s crypto for you

  4. The whole flow of the Universe is to Oneness. 6 ft of social distancing – always darkest just before the dawn…

  5. probably each country will have their own currency, but all base on Gold and XRP will be just like what Window is to any program, a bridge to connect them… or maybe not…..

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