*CASH DENIED BY BANKS* The Ripple/XRP Cashless Society Has Arrived & Ripple Lawsuit Claims DISMISSED

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-Australian Banks & Cashless Society
-IMF Narrative
-Ripple Lawsuit

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  1. The big four banks in Australia (Westpac, National, Commonwealth & ANZ) have all been using/testing XRP for sometime now.

  2. Being an Australian resident, they’ve been against cash for years. The government is in the pockets of the banks and IMF legislation to protect banks against failure with currency restrictions act, bail in laws, loosening lending standards to boost profits and i could on. The Australian government does as the IMF wants.

  3. I see some comments. If you think XRP isn’t going to hit $10 and beyond I feel bad for you son. You obviously don’t know what’s happening.

  4. Price is way too high it’s going to go six $0.07 at this price that the banks don’t want to buy it it’s too high so expect a pullback I mean it’s going to $0.05 for since then all the the world reserve banks will buy it it’s too high at this price

  5. What I find really funny is that the world government’s are blaming their bad spending habits on a virus. Sure, they’re bringing in a digital economy, removing fiat currency because they say it’s a possible conduit for virus transmission, which it is of course Majority of the population will think that their respective government is doing the populace a solid. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! What really got us into this mess was the rampant spending on credit, with the intention of never paying it back.

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