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  1. Chainlink isn’t busting thru anything with all the fake partners they were caught with, Swift, Google and many more. They are a Russian Pump and Dump company that has been widely exposed. They are using $630 Million of their own$$ to pull alot of this off. Their not allowed to even have that $$ in Link, the same exact example with Ripple holding their 50Bill XRP. Link is a security dumping on its own people. Heard anything about their main net getting launched yet from over 2 years ago? Their real value should be st 10cents but they ran it up with the Link they hold. Time is running out they can’t hide it anymore! U own Link u better research ASAP. What’s crazy if the really wanted to the could turn things around but would cost so much $ to become legit they would lose out for years. This is going to be huge when the shit hits the fan! Just throwing out my research no advice just be careful and look deep!

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