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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price price moves very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. I really didn’t mean to sound like a 6pm Action News reporter in that intro……lol. You gotta check out @ 4:45 macro BTC charts. And also micro charts at 6:50! Short term targets within!

  2. I thought confirmation to the bull market was closing above 10700………. Now it’s not….. now it’s like 14 something?

  3. Massive resistance at 11400 but it HAS stayed above 11K for over 12 hours, Which is what I said it would need to break out. BUT with everything going crazy BTC still floundering. Not as badly as LTC (despite seeing over 59 dollars today.) Stuff is basically in a holding pattern, it hits a decent price, then pulls back. We have seen this song and dance before I am afraid. Without the hard and fast multiple 15 minute jumps (which is what got up here) prices generally start to dip. But they have certainly held it today. But to ‘break out’ it has to actually break out. Its basically been range bound for the past 5 days, granted its been range bound above 10K but we have seen that before. Inthe end I thnk the tide of ETH, ADA< and to some extent LINK (even though that was a few weeks ago now) has lifted BTC. BTC is definitely not leading. But in the end it comes down to confidence and profit potential. BTC is 11400 how many people are actually buying at that price? "Real" people. Especially considering it was as low as 3800 and change a few months ago and was under 9K for months before this little uptick recently. Buy low sell high is always easy after the fact but I have alot more confidence buying at prices even after they rebound somewhat off a big 'crash' than I do at prices that are at a level that cant seem to be broken. Even that 13K that was the high last summer was literally a 1 or 2 minute peak and it was only on Coinbase and Coinbase crashed because of it....

  4. We also have a pandemic. You can extrapolate from 17, 13 etc. Drawing triangles on graphs is like trying to find the source of a river smelling a waterfall downstream… there is nothing constant between now and then. Look at the traditional markets!!! Not saying your predictions are wrong but fuck the trend at this point. Understand the GAME!!!!

  5. Love your videos, one of the most down to earth guys in crypto. No BS just straight up analysis

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  7. Holders playing the long game sure does teach patience, its a far cry from instant gratification we have conditioned ourselves to focus our energies on, its tough , but by the time prices reach maturity, we’ll be smarter, more informed disciplined investors and that will absolutely help us as a community and maybe with our collective wealth we can help shape a better future than those that have come before us, even though i still think the best way to make it in the crypto world is to be an efficient trader whose emotion can be kept on check or if you rather have a trading analyst analyze the market for you that’s the best option for inexperience traders or newbies you can reach one of the best trading analyst on tele-gram(Georgewilliamstrade1).

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