Ethereum ETH 2.0 Launch Date for Testnet | Validator Node Setup & Profitability

Ethereum is leading cryptocurrencies and blockchain with their upcoming ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake network upgrade to enable passive income staking on ETH and furthering DeFi potential! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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Best used GPU for mining Ethereum in 2020 –

Ethereum 2.0 will be an incredible upgrade and achievement for Eth from a decentralized finance DeFi use case point of view. Running a validator node on Ethereum 2.0 will enable long-term and even short-term holders to earn passive income returns on their Ethereum, which has never been possible before with one of the top cryptocurrency blockchains when ranked by coin market capitalization. You can easily setup a Ethereum validator node manually, or use dappnode, or you can use the new Ethereum 2.0 validator node launchpad for their Medalla testnet. The official launch date of ETH 2.0 final phase testnet is August 4th, and hopefully, Phase 0 of the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain network will follow shortly after.

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    • I used your link and signed up. Was totally digging it, then today i tried to WD my ADA, requires 5000 to earn interest, i have some on bitrue, so i was going to move it there to power-piggy. doesnt allow ADA withdraws. They will let me exchange in for CRO (for a fee)! This is just fyi, i should have done a little more digging!

    • Ah I only staked the ada I bought in the app, definitely ran into that issue with some coins – hopefully they support in and out tx for all coins sooner than later

    • Yeah, im a long term holder of MOST crypto. I sell some ARR and i have some trash Masternodes running, but hey they pay! I just get my nerves wrecked when i cant hold my coins exactly when i want them!! All good though (the space is young)

    • On your site, it says you need to “stake $50 MCO” for the bonus, but the referral section on the app says folks have to stake 50 MCO which is $205ish at the moment. Was wondering if that’s a typo on your site.

  1. Etherum 2.0 helps give gpu miners a window here. Who is going to add ASICs to their farm now, when they are going to be useless in the not too distant future. GPUs can be used to mine other asic resistant cryptos.

  2. wonder if waltchain will go back to its original ath of 40 + $$
    and is the kirin miner now only available as a computer software download

  3. I’ve heard it pronounced “Girly-eath” by a Sweed or Nord – not really sure where he’s from. My bad. Thanks for this video. It’s an Alpha stage. Beta comes next. Interesting idea about using a droplet. When you factor the price of new hardware, a droplet or even EC2 for a couple of years may come out better. May have to run more than one validator. lol! Thanks buddy! 👍

  4. What kind of miner are you?, supporting and waiting for the prof of stake, instead of supporting the prof of work, there are many of us who continue to do so from our homes and we are not large Chinese mining farms.

  5. gather your 32Eth of course, but its probable safer to stake your eth on until
    you can definitely get your eth back from staking on eth 2.0

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  7. Might as well stake on
    Everything is already a risk. I trust they are partnered with ledger and all of our money is stored in a cold wallet. If the exchange somehow gets hacked, they will only lose their own money. None of our money us stored in the exchange. All offline. Plus is insured big time. With a 300 million dollar protection, I am confident with staking on the exchange. Just remember again, everything in investing is always a risk. Do your own research. Not financial advice. Long live the blockchain👊👌🤟

  8. You should have a nonfungible Vosk coin that you give out to your subscribers! It could have a little dog on it 🙂

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