Ripple XRP News: Why Everybody Is Buying XRP Right Now, XRP Explodes In Price!


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  1. Whatever it was, a huge drop just happened (10 mins ago) all across the board and things went wild; it took less than 2 mins to bring the big coins back up. To witness which coins recovered that fast from a sudden drop—when it should have continued its upward trend (I.e, BTC 12k—10,8k) was eye opening. Welcome to crypto.

  2. Question: I heard mixed reviews to buy coins from coinbase. Where is the best place to purchase coins?

  3. Jesus, why are 90% of all xrp youtuber sound like robots. Why can’t they use their real voice.
    so annoying and not worth listening too

  4. I’m new guys! I juts got so freaked out, I did put 3k into xrp today, and it sky rocketed down juts now to almost 0.26 😱😱😱😱😱😱

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