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  1. Love moon lambo!!!! Keep doing what you are doing and I will keep on lightly keep pressing that like button…. already subscribed and turned on the notification bell!!! To the mooooon!!!

  2. to be honest i got into crypto just out of friendly spite of a friend who thinks he knows politics and economy more than me, so i learnt and invested in silver at 13 an ounce, ethereum at 212(confident in ethereum2), xrp at 0.17(very confident for the future) and xlm at 0.8(this is just speculative and i have a smaller position in it) so i could advise him to get them knowing he will not buy any of them…needles to say every cent is double the sweetnes knowing that my friend is still trying to accumulate FIAT

  3. Yes it’s a sandwich if I want it to be a sandwich. Who says I have to follow the herd. Lmao!!!! Love the video btw.!!!!

  4. Lightning Network still keeps payment and settlement separate. Ripple solves that. Payment and settlement occur at the same time.

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    • Lol, really wish my cousin could just fucking view these kind words from you, been trying to open his eyes to the immerse benefits of my acquittance with Albert has been thus far, crypto trading is here to stay. The only regret I’ve got is not knowing Albert much earlier than I did. His signals are seriously insane!!!

    • Smiles… Funny how just few weeks back I was fortunate to stumble on a comment just like this about how effective Albert’s signals are, well I was stubborn then, showed it to a friend who was a new in trading, he actually took the step and contacted Albert, the result was instantaneous… Well I think am talking too much already lol, Albert is just a pure genius in trading, plus the man is a natural teacher

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    • A stop loss was triggered. Some thief whale. Sold, price dropped, then bought in again. It will recover, but it sucks how the super wealthy can just take our hard earned cash.

    • ​@Steven Weeks Yea, whales gonna be whales. Weak hands are getting tossed, people getting rekt in margins. Hodl and accumulate on big dips.

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