Ripple XRP News: XRP Will Do 100x Price At Least, $1 Billion BTC Moved, Chainlink 100x Gains


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  1. 8.3X gain would make XRP the same value as BTC as of 8-8-2020.
    1 XRP at $2.48 would be at par with 1 BTC at $11,812
    ( there are 4761 xrp to 1 btc )

    So 100X does seem pretty far out. 12X would be great even though it won’t get me to the moon at least I’ll be able to see it at night, instead of being in bed sleeping because of work in the morning:)

  2. LINK is king…. for know, great for many others to…… just the quantity of adresses is really low, might be dangerous for manipulation?

  3. MORE CLICK BAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not once did you mention why XRP will Do 100X…………………Big Thumbs DOWN !!!

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