Ripple XRP News: It Is Truly Game Over For The Competition, $XXXX XRP & The Economy’s Final Straw!

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  1. You make a lot of good points. But I do disagree with you on BTC. I think that the price of BTC is to high for the average person. The amount that most people are willing to invest will not make a good investment with the price of BTC. Plus since BTC is mined there is a limited amount that it can produce and offer. I think that XRP and VeChain can offer a steady investment and is able to be stable. Just like the average consumer and investor will in Apple, Tesla or Amazon stock, the price is to high for the average investor to make a profit.

  2. All nostro vostro accnt will be put into ripple xrp adding trillions into liquidity making it moon then to mars then to the outer reaches of the furthest universe. Yes xrp can save the economy. Because xrp is a multi use coin. Can do anything any other coin can do faster and better and will already be regulated around the world

  3. the market is good because Trump holds all of the cards with the federal reserve. They write whatever check Trump orders.

  4. Great content and coverage.
    1. Just give away some XRP ffs dude! It might bring in some more people to LIKE your content.
    2. We all know you claimed all your bitcoin cash and will claim the SPARK, you’re just being nonchalant. Soon as its available your heart will change miraculously, I’ll bet 1 XRP & 1 SPARK token on it 😉 Ha

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