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  1. Can we please stop talking about last time xrp skyrocketed…it never happened. BTC rocketed and everybody rode coat tails. Xrp parabolic level was about .80 on its own so this’ll be a slow ride up ppl

    • Moon Lambo same here. I use nano x. For the release of nano x was late they shipped a nano s with it as well. The X is so much better than the S.

    • @2BitUser how much so.. Better? Or what did you lime better than the s? I only look to store xrp at the moment. I originally bought a trezor one for bitcoin and sadly it doesn’t support xrp. I have a bit VET, does that store well on the ledger s? Thanks

  2. Rally already!!!!! Damn we’ve waited long enough already. Give us that damn designation. I can’t imagine what will happen to non-decentralized cryptos

  3. Just to let everybody know I am on coinbase and I got a email from them about the Spark token they basically told me if I want it I have to leave coinbase.

  4. No, it’s not. There is months and months of sideways or slightly downward movement left so hold or flip and come back and buys more when it’s back to .17

  5. they really picture bitcoin as the good guy in this crypto space. I mean bitcoin is cool when it was the first and its anonymous identity. But like i feel like its gonna flip around with xrp tbh

  6. um Moon Lambo its 10:43pm on the west coast here, and I am still waiting for your next video as I work late into the night. Don’t hold out on me buddy!

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