*BILLIONAIRE CEOS INSIDER SELLING* They’re Hiding Ripple/XRP Adoption & Regulation Will Make Us Rich

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-Billionaires Selling Positions
-Crypto Regulations & Crypto Bills
-Ripple Being Hidden
-Cross-Border Niche

*I am not a financial adviser & this is not financial advice


  1. when in doubt then adapt … that’s why i always start these vids about 2 minutes in.”’ ( and the rest i watch on fast forward ) as the first few minutes are just self promotion…. un bearable bull reallly… i don’t do vids but from the looks of it there must be a course out there for those who do and it must include something about asking for likes and for subscriptions as all vids nowadays do it…. i’m adapting to the markets and i only trust charts .. these guys selling zero to hero to kids willing to hodl for years are a dime a dozen…. selling is one thing… delivering is another…. study any super sales politician

  2. 2:00 adapt and do like the rich dudes then.. been studying old surveyors and those guys made fortunes by buying up the best parts of their surveyed lands and one group even had the insight to sell acreage to settlers ( newbies ) but sold them insurance on the crap the surveyor-engineer built on the land for them.. .engineers always ahead of the game…. always thinking about a gimmick that will keep them ( filthy rich overlords to mindless peasants )…. adapt

  3. bamboo you say… bad analogy imo… the bamboo is very telling in its cycle … crypto is an outright guess and most will starve to death b4 they bare fruit…. maybe you could make it as a politician… try local stuff first …

  4. thanks for another great vid Mr.Bull. As the other alts bleed out right now its a little conspicuous XRP has held its value along w/THETA. Just my observation.

  5. Tesla stock is the most viewed asset in America. Our data shows that throughout July, Tesla was the most viewed stock in 31 states. Bitcoin was not far behind. Since the start of the year, Tesla’s stock has almost tripled in price. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is up 60% year-to-date.” Currently, the market cap of the entire cryptocurrency market is smaller than the market cap of Tesla but as demand for Bitcoin increases and the decentralised finance sector grows this imbalance could begin to change. Trading bitcoin has been my big source of income for the past 5 months now and I am grateful , some time ago I bought 3 _ Btc at I I,5OO _usd each, even tho the price dropped now, I invested some and got wrecked because of my poor knowledge . I lost about 1.5 btc before I got to know BenBULL… Trading expert Prof.Ben-Bull , “@ benbullcrypto” I joined his channel last week believe me he helped me recover the 1. 5btc and made me extra 7. 1btc in the space of a week and 7days

    • This 2021 Bull Market will be like no other because the not only is Wall Street heavily invested in it going higher, but the fall of the US Dollar is coming As the USD loses value, every Bitcoin will gain value against it. Within 5 years, the USD will be dead, or digital.

    • The “money velocity” is low due to lockdowns, people aren’t travelling as much, eating out, going to events, etc. This is planned and on purpose so that inflation doesn’t rise as it would if there was a normal “money velocity”. When the “money velocity” increases, we will see inflation that we should be seeing when Trillions of Dollars are created with keystrokes. The difference between $1 and $1,000,000,000,000 is 16 keystrokes (counting commas).

    • I’m somewhat new to the crypto world. What is the best way to buy these alternate coins, such as TRAC and ADA? Coinbase doesn’t offer them. I bought some Btc and Eth last night, I need to increase my investment plans with Ben Bull.

    • I marvel at the simplicity of this…. Thank you very much kind sir…Every crypto investor right now is just smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generate good ROI. more person are gonna become millionaire and we have bitcoin thanks

  6. this is why i always look forward to your videos, the crypto market has been lately affected by the bearish market generally but that has provided an opportunity for investors secure more crypto assets. inst that a good way to look at the market right now, a good thing about this is, a bearish price would always go up some day, but its the impatient ones that lose from this. Another way to earn from this is using trading crypto assets, even with minimal knowledge on trading you can easily get guidance from experts in the field of crypto knowledge and use definitive signals service from professional hand, overtime i have been able to gain knowledge on crypto trading by following the guidance of Allen Albert and using his signal service. Using his signal service has been different from others i have used in the past, and he takes time to take you through every step of understanding. And did i forget to mention improvements on my trades sessions, i now have lower amounts of losses and i have over 9 btc in my portfolio. He can be reached on Whatsap *(+447380356836)* and tellygram *(alberttrade)* for crypto related assistance.

    • Crypto trading is all about having a good signal service inflow, Albert guarantees good signal, I’d testify to to this any day.

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  7. People were saying a coin, Yearn.finance , went from $3 to 40k in 3 weeks. I checked the charts and that was a lie. It went from 800 or so to 40k in 8 weeks which is just as breathtaking. So yeah, don’t think super bull runs can’t happen. Damn near all coins have them based off of people’s interest in them and most of them have no actual real world use which would drastically drive price up. Yet they had and still have bull runs. XRP has real world use …on a massive scale…that alone, after regulations, will bull run the price. Then you have the pump it’s going to have based off of the usual speculation, which is basically people’s interest in it. Now even more people have either heard about crypto currency, XRP in particular, have been exposed to it, or now have direct access to it. Thus adding to an already parabolic bull run. Yearn.finance has spiked and stayed there. No one has even heard of it. It wasn’t announced. Like yearn, XRP won’t be announced. It’s just the software. Price will just start taking off.

  8. The central banks have had their digital assets at the ready. They’ve been prepared for their moment. Now the “engineers” of the new economy’s machinery begin tightening things down, battening down hatches, and lubricating all moving parts in preparation for launch. This thing is going to leave the starting blocks, increasing speed, and once it crosses all scalability thresholds, it will go to warp speed.

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