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  1. Have way more xrp than what I need , looking forward to helping out the people that are really struggling just to get by! Find it in your hearts to spread the wealth.

  2. XRP is not Ripple and banks are using xCurrent. Don’t get confused.
    XRP Is Not Needed
    : Ripple offers two main products for cross border payments: xCurrent and xRapid.
    xCurrent doesn’t need XRP. They are using fiat currency (e.g., USD).

    • so you think brad garlinghouse meets with the IMF and they are trying to adopt crypto and have been begging regulators just by chance? you think david shwartz is investing in a crypto that doesnt have a use case? keep dreaming

    • Krambo you talk like you understand so well but, first of all, there’s no more Xrapid. Second, Xcurrent is the equivalent of SWIFT’s GPI, it’s only a messaging system. ODL settles and it’s faster! Don’t you get it? Have the FI’s test out the Xcurrent. At the flip of a switch they can change over to ODL.

  3. You should read some of the stuff that you highlight and then see you can read this right here because I listen to you while Iโ€™m working with earplugs and I canโ€™t read it so if you could read it also that be awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is quite interesting you use my tweets and several other people tweets and research to make videos and generate income from something that is not yours and you don’t even ask permission to use….. with that said if I see you using my tweets for your videos without my permission you are getting sued

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