Trading Bitcoin – Nice Breakout to $11k, Now What?

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Unconfiscatable (Vegas) Moved to April 23-24, 2021
Understanding Bitcoin (Malta) Moved to Sep 2021
The Financial Summit (Bali, Indonesia) Moved to Nov 2021:

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  1. Tone do a video review on the laptop! Also, if you buy a Sony a6100 you can use a camera as webcam, get good audio with 4k with a 16mm 1.4 lens, all around $800.Should be something if you’re interested in worth checking out , amazing content, keep it up brother 😉

    • T should have a superior tech piece soon. Some Asus Razer optimized for productivity if I recall correctly. Lets be patient a bit and soon we shall see and experience some substantial tech improvement here.

  2. If the money printer goes away how will Tesla get funding for non-profitable cars? I want to buy a Tesla but they need to be profitable!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bitcoin is no man’s land. Now that the breakout is here it can either go bearish or bullish. Here is what I’m gonna do: convert some of my BTC to $Dot and $ckb

  4. „Oh God no, that‘s a f****** garbage!“ Classic Tone, priceless 🤣🤣
    Now I do actually believe that someone is going to buy it up just to make your point. Made my day!

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