CHAINLINK (LINK) PRICE BEATING CONTINUES!! What Happens Now?? Cryptocurrency Analysis

The Chainlink (LINK) beating continues and we’re looking at more downside to test supports. Analysis in this video will help us identify price targets and potential supports and resistances that we should be wary of. Knowing some of these setups will allow you to have a better plan and feel more confident with your investing.

Can prices keep going down? In short, yes. Where will they find support? Let’s cover that. Where is the resistance going to be? We will cover that too. Covering some of the news as well will also give us a little confidence for the longer term of the project. Look at this as an opportunity, rather than a negative. Most people don’t plan on selling in the shorter-time future anyway, so this is all completely NORMAL and HEALTHY. Crypto’s are wild, and being in the cryptocurrency market will definitely test your emotions — mainly PATIENCE!!! The market spaces are so strong right now with utilization and amazing projects, we will very unlikely see this be the end of the bull run. 2021 is still shaping up to be better than 2020, with lots of very BULLISH signals ahead!

Reviewing news and price history is also something extremely beneficial right now for chainlink. LINK coin has major use cases. The hype will return and we will likely see us hitting price targets again! LINK coin news is still rampant and we’re seeing a ton of bullish news always coming in to help sentiment and boost Chainklink price predictions. Chainlink technical analysis and price analysis in this scenario doesn’t yield anything to panic about.

Personally, I’m stoked to have these opportunities! Enjoy the current prices now, since, in a year, we will be WISHING we could return to these prices to buy more. Stay updated with more Chainlink LINK coin and crypto news!

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The content in this video is my own personal opinion which I have made from my own personal analysis. The views are my own beliefs. Always be cautious when investing in cryptocurrencies. This should not be treated as financial advice. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.


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  1. Thanks for your valuable analysis I also think the whales are suppressing the price and accumulating at the same time…until all weak hands are out then watch out!! Great time to accumulate with the whales!!!

    • Thank you! Appreciate your engagement and feedback! Yea, you’re right about that as well. That seems to be typical for a lot of these new and hyped projects in this space. We’ll see it a bunch more across a bunch of cryptos.

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    • I really appreciate the down to earth way these programs are taught. Not the get rich quick if you pay me more money scheme that others push at you. Thanks for everything!

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