Something BIG Is Coming For XRP… (Ripple News)

Something BIG Is Coming For XRP… (Ripple News)


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  2. XRP has been moving up and down like a wave for a couple days. Looks like their either testing something or weโ€™re getting rid of the weak holders and the beginning wave of the new ones.

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  4. Hey, YouTube show offs, weren’t you guys talking about how XRP holders should be really concerned a couple of videos ago?? You are just a couple of guys trying to milk subs and likes out of everyone you can by saying anything you can at the time. You really don’t know anything! New people. Please please please do not listen to anything these clowns say! Much more researched and experienced YouTube hosts are available to answer your questions and give you real information on the space and XRP.

    • Definitely a blow off response. This space and the opportunity that it provides is too important for too many people for garbage like this to be the 1st thing that newcomers to digital assets see and think it’s real news from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Don’t patronize with a thanks for your support message.You guys are going to lead new people into badd positions with all of your hype and glamor. Knock off the garbage, learn some things, get rid of the hype, and provide real and careful information.

  5. No offense as I do enjoy the channel Kyle should take a break on doing the videos!! Just not enjoyable to listen to and really shouldn’t be the face of the channel…

  6. Hi Guys! Want to thank you for all your hard work keeping us up to date on all the awesome XRP news! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘A+100%

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