XRP Ripple “They Are Just Lying To Us” (Robert Kiyosaki)

XRP Ripple “They Are Just Lying To Us” (Robert Kiyosaki)…

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  1. Debt jubilee…Nesara/Gesara…..Trump will introduce goldstandar……xrp tp the stars……Gold to the stars…..checkout the usdebtclock, is it a hint of goldprice, silver price??…just saying

    • @RUN GUYS Evidently, I had a hardware problem halfway through your podcast. I have followed Robert Kiyosaki for years & just recently you guys. Just couldn’t believe my sound card cratered on me this evening. Sorry. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for watching! Kevin we thank you so much for being a loyal subscriber and RUNNING with us to the finish line of life 💰 🏃 you’re a Boss!

  2. Gold & Silver is the only forms of real money for thousands of years! Its even in our constitution Article 1 section 10. Research on your own!

  3. they say bitcoin because bitcoin was the first crypto. I believe XRP ALL THE WAY. way greener with utility. thanks to covid I was able to take all my 401k out without penalty and invested all of it to xrp. crypto is the new way of currancy.

  4. Robert only backs Bitcoin above other cryptos because Anthony Pompliano convince him it was a must have.
    He agrees there will be others in the market that will do well, but he doesn’t really know much about the crypto market.
    Use both guys as a reference point.

    Roberts history is predominantly around Gold and silver investing and mining and property investing.
    Extremely knowledge guy

  5. I think he was exactly mentioning BTC not other crypto because he did interviews with BTC holders and supporters and he said that bitcoin will rise but i think he will be wrong….

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