XRP is the NEW GOLD (Warren Buffett)

XRP is the NEW GOLD (Warren Buffett)

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  1. Warren didnโ€™t dump bank stocks. He recently doubled in with Bank of America and bought 2.1 billion $ in stocks to increase his long term position.No he didnโ€™t do it for xrp donโ€™t start going crazy with xrp-Bofa. He is old school and hasnโ€™t invested in crypto and has no intentions of doing that- fact till today. Interpretation for many people speculates on wrong things. Crypto = gold and specifically xrp= gold is a far fetched scenario right now. Possibly in the years to come maybe but no true fact now. A lot has to happen and massive adoption and VOLUME above all. Dreams are good I am believer as well but letโ€™s be realistic for now.
    I am heavily invested in xrp and hope that will be equivalent to gold in the near future but it will take some time for that.

  2. Gold is for boomers…no one wants to travel with gold bars in their pockets. Some of these guys dont know enough about crypto to know that there are many winners in the crypto space..they keep coming back to physical assets and cant understand where the future is headed. I think this guy talking truly only knows about the tip of the iceberg (btc)

  3. With the announcement of Kraken becoming a bank, all banks will have to adapt and not only custody but trade and loan cryptocurrency to remain relevant as far as I can tell. Otherwise theyโ€™ll simply disappear, there will be no bed for them in the new digital economy. @RUN GUYS…. thank you for the continued value you bring to this space, itโ€™s greatly appreciated. Cheers.

    • Wifi Lifestyle Reviews our community appreciates you and your community! Thanks for the love and support ๐Ÿ™ Let’s Keep RUNNING ๐Ÿƒ

  4. The wisest things that should be on every individuals list investment is the different stream of income and does not depend on the government to bring money especially now the predicament is hitting the economic pretty hard making money from the comfort zone of one’s home will be the best and satisfied thing to do now

    • Investment are the step stones to success,Well said investing is good but investing in the right thing is the actual key to success

    • There are so many investment out there but if profit must be considered,then not all those investments are good to go into and not all can you stand the test of time

    • the right choice of investment has always been a big problem for me because I know that picking up the wrong investment will leave a big skirt in the future

    • @Mptise Bongi Mismanga there might be so many investment out there but the profit must be considered which is the actual sole arm of every investment then I will advise you to go into bitcoin trading because it has a higher profit rate than most investment

  5. Federal Audit Exposure is coming! With a new Supreme Court Justice coming after the recent death of Ginsburg, hopefully Trump makes a strategic appointment.

  6. But they’re just talking about BTC or cryptosin general, no XRP exactly, anyway i think it’s a good investment asset for the long term. I’m a trader and my mid/long term expectative for this coin is around 200% it’s actual value as a maximum for this year.

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