Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction 2021-2022

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  1. Hey Crow! Cointelegraph article stated 7.6 billion ADA were transferred to Binance last month. Users retained 1.5 billion, Large holders 3 billion. With nearly 16 billion staked does this not remove roughly 27 billion from marketplace or what do you think?

    • Really? Will have to check that video. Could have sworn Crow has said multiple time that TMG is solid and is legit af

  2. Sorry but this new tone of voice just seems so un genuine and to much like a commercial.

    Just be yourself and talk normal bro. No need to be an actor while sharing your knowledge.

  3. no.1 video and moon expectations are going to fulfill in near future,,,,just fasten ur seat belt to fly to the moon🤞🤞

  4. Do you have a noise level meter for your Mic Crow!? When it’s touching the red, you’re distorting, i think you are full on red line clipping! lol Sounds terrible

  5. all the crypto assets have all experienced major price pull at some point in time, but all signs actually point to the beginning of a strong uptrend. The bullish move gave investors an opportunity to accumulate more assets, hoarding is a smart move, but trading is way more profitable. I have had my fair share of actively trading crypto assets with support from Sebastian Bryant though his signals services. I have made over 20k in trading crypto assets with guidance from Bryant and using his signal service. We need more services like this and I hope Bryant continues for as long as possible. He can be reached on telygram and watsApp *(+1 512 553 5931)* for all crypto related inquiries

    • Albert seems to know his way about crypto trading, I’ve got $13,000 worth of Eth in my wallet, I will contact Albert, really getting tired to this volatile market.

    • Trading seemed a bit too clouded to me with all those figures going around plus my busy schedule, an hour week days was just all I needed, now my equity earns for me even more than the time I dedicate at work. Albert cuts it for me

  6. You have an easy voice to listen to, but this reading off a prepared script is not working Crow. I think you should abandon this format. Trust me, I work in the voiceover industry.

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