HERE WE GO! NEARING MY BUY ZONE for the Ripple XRP Price Chart!

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  1. Hey BC Backer, I was wondering if you could make a video comparing your chart analysis vs. another persons analysis. Not to create controversy or clout, but a genuine conversation with another YouTuber who may not agree with your post! I like seeing different side of XRP based on chart analysis! Not to promote or steal followers, but think it would be cool if you guys. Or some other youtuber maybe you watch! Did a collaborated on a live stream or something and had a conversation about XRP! Good stuff keep it up! I hope you consider the idea as an opportunity.

  2. Please guys i have Jst 10 XRP, That’s all i can afford for now… I seeking for u guys to help with an increase… Please guys…

  3. You tha man. Would love to have gotten into your channel before I bought at .28 🤣 But I’ve been learning the charts and see a lot of factors confirming your price range. Wouldn’t even be surprised if we see the high .21s on the next leg down but most signs pointing to a bounce back up this week. Probably won’t see above my last purchase price for a few weeks but I am a hodlr anyway so big whoop 😁 So buying a little when we hit that .22 range and then all groovy 👍 Looking at a decent October and an excellent November with a big ol dump but not below .30 after December 20th then a nice rally again at the end of February… Then fat city as they say!

  4. Hey Backer, wondering if you simultaneously chart for the macro picture (S&P / Nasdaq), and what their levels might be telling you.

  5. Just out of curiosity if Ripple does drop below that line and actually does go down into the teens you have a plan for that?

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