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  1. I don’t get why people are complaining that the price has dropped. It’s worth cents. Don’t cash out on the dip. Buy more! This is not an investment for the short term pay out. No institutions banks or governments are talking about regulations for any other crypto like they do about ripple and xrp.

    People cashing out now because of a drop in price just chucking the teddy out of the pram is daft.

  2. Honestly the only important thing about today’s price is that XRP is extremely affordable. I expect that it will stay this way for a while. As long as it does I’m going to keep buying and hoarding my xrp. One day maybe not tomorrow, or 6 months from now or 2 years from now but one day XRP will explode.

    I’m honestly expecting by 2030 I’ll be able to retire. Freedom 42 baby!

  3. None of these people on Twitter are worth a damn. Its annoying as hell. One guy was suppose to delete his account if xrp didnt hit 100$ by end of August. It didn’t and he didnt.

  4. The Bull Market has already started. This is a “stealth bull market” to start. Nobody that is serious about accumulating wants the price to move up yet and they are doing whatever they can to build large positions WITHOUT moving the price much. The CEO of MicroStrategy said they recently bought over 400 Million in Bitcoin without moving the price a Dollar. It takes patience and skill but it can be done. When the price finally takes off all the big dogs will ALREADY have their position and the retail puppies will be left sniffing their butts. I have been trading with knowledges and education from Ben”s Channel Daily, its Been an awesome experience, at the same time Very Overwhelming . In 3months I grew from( 5btc_25)bitcoin… Trust & Learn his process without much Questioning, he remains an Undisputed CHAMPION if trading is the Topicโ€ฆ..>>Telegram-@benbullcrypto >>

    • Wow .. I’m just shocked you mentioned and recommended Prof Benbull here ,I thought people don’t know him .. He’s really awesome!

    • Been in crypto 6 years….BTC is a sure bet…alts if you get lucky can give amazing percentages….but the secret with alts is being willing to cash out when the money has been made…..if you have made a fortune in alts….but are holding because you โ€œbelieve in the projectโ€ you are the mug that had a fortune, and are just about to throw it all away. Ben Bull stays the Best.

    • Bitcoin Price Started a corrective wave after a sharp upward move, bitcoin traded close to the $12,000 resistance just recently against the US Dollar, now the asset is trading at $10,100 region. However, now is the best time to trade the little you hodl, for me it’s been a massive success because I have been able to achieve nice profits by trading

    • I encourage all willing individuals to embrace trading and investment, this will really help you in future, i recommend bitcoin investment, really profitable at this time with few steps you can start earning, just get involved with it and see how it works.

    • I’m invested in crypto cause so far it’s giving me the freedom I need to travel and keep making money at the same time.

  5. Mainstream flow…atm…a chip in your wrist…exchanges allowing you to be the/your bank…a trickle…then the FLOW…MFKR

  6. A pyschic reading? Cmon man, I like your content but this was a rough one. Letโ€™s stick to facts please. A drop in price is according to plan, what plan, to drain our banking accounts?

  7. I think XRP will lose more value for 2 reason .
    1- today EU stock market was down and almost all crypto lost value.
    2- coronavirus second wave ( lockdown ) like end of March bit queen lost value to ยฃ3800 .

  8. The last clip of everyone dressed in tuxedos.
    What is that from and who is that giving the speech about “Donald?”

  9. I got a successful hack transfer from net through bitcoin hack that changed my life for good thanks team

  10. Never doubt the intelligence of whatever this team says they surprised me and my colleagues at work, this means a lot to me sir

  11. Gold isnโ€™t a speculative investment, itโ€™s neither speculative nor an investment, itโ€™s SAVINGS. You donโ€™t speculate on gold to grow your wealth (purchasing power), you trust gold to preserve your wealth.

    I donโ€™t hold gold because Iโ€™m in wealth building mode.

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