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Chinese Central Bank Announces that Digital Renminbi Is Ready for Deployment


  1. Hello guys. Can some one tell me please who is the guy speaking at the end of his videos? I would love to know!!:) I want to look up more info!

  2. hahahaha LOL IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN GOING UP BY NOW IF DEMAND AND SUPPLY IS THE RULE. hahahaha XRP SCAM. there is someone suppressing the value. guess who. INSIDER 99% hold by insiders. they can manipulate and control the value hahahaha.

  3. I was all about XRP this year… but idk anymore. It’s weird seeing all these other new currencies come in worth 10x more than XRP. And I been reading a lot more about it being another scam. If it hits 28 cents again.. . I’m selling.

    • The CEO of ripple…The Holy Prophet Brad Garlinghouse has stated more than once take off will be 2023-2025. This is a long term investment bro.

  4. I believe XRP is going to pull something like yern did. Yern jump to 46k so fast I was SOOO MAD I WASN’T IN IT. It’s just a matter of time. After the election and 4 days after the death of our hero then shit will start.

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    • Bitcoin is indeed a collection of opportunities, never thought I could learn how to trade till I met Nathan
      I had a colleague who was into trading bitcoin back then, wish I knew better!

  6. Anyone can speak at these symposiums. Just because they are there doesn’t mean anything. Why is cryptocurrency research so cryptic… whaaat a weird place to conduct market research.

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