Ripple XRP News: BoA Confirmed, XRP Price Analysis For The Next Months & More Ripple XRP Riddles

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  1. If your coming up with good news and your consistent with it , bring it on , don’t change your ways dusty where all
    Little anxious

  2. Question? Which one is better than Coinbase, I know it’s they charge high fees for each transactions from selling and loosing my account since to devalue 50% over $2k and disputed a transaction of a Zcash purchase that was at $58 dollars at the time but when I look the purchase was final at $68 and the path did not showed any value that high but they keep saying it was. Don’t trust them anymore, I need to look a better one. Any Sugestión here?

    • Yes coinbase fees for selling and buying are stupidly high as fuck. I also want to quit coinbase and more to a better one.

    • FYI, I JUST TRY TO SELL MY ZRX and transaction is not getting don’t but they charging me 2.99 each time but nothing happens. Coinbase is a scam or what ? Don’t know how can I lost over 2k in a month, how can I get a complete statement of each transaction so I can consolidate and have an explanation of all the looses. Any suggestion?

    • Sold all and they charge over $84 dollars total wow that is to high, Robinhood fees are lower but they don’t support all of the crypto

  3. Hey Dusty,guess what happened to the xrp price today?!?! Absolutely nothing😂😂😂. Regardless I still hodl strong😊

  4. Bro this is wayyy better this was very insightful, I like all your videos but I did start skipping a few here and there with the titles but this video was great 👍🏼 this is the kind of walk throughs that new comers need to watch

  5. Brad Garlinghouse mic cut when being interviewed by Maria Barturomo at Fox news interview when he mentioned new bipartisan regulatory commitee allowing regs…..hmmmm

  6. Dusty at the end of the day it’s all your show. Can’t please everybody every time!!! Do what makes you happy and you will find your audience 😎

  7. When I bought XRP 19 months ago. It was never my intention to day trade XRP. 5-10 dollars I’m not moving. 50-100 dollars still holding. It’s all gravy if you gotta work about making a few dollars measley dollars maybe you should not be investing. Think people

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