Here’s Why I’m SELLING My Ripple XRP BEFORE ELECTION! (Crypto News)

Here’s Why I’m SELLING My Ripple XRP BEFORE ELECTION! (Crypto News)


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  1. Everyone is mad because this video is correct. Sold a small % of XRP at .253 and today the price sits at .239 so bought back in a bit. It’s called trimming the hedges and mulching. With that being said, as the price drops then BACK UP THE TRUCK! We’re giving away $100 and even $1,000 if this video can hit 10,000 likes! Share it with a hater πŸ’°

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  2. If trump wins again the economy will probably do well again. Its just what smart business guys do, they make the moves that keep the butnugs employed.

    If Biden wins the economy will crash hard and the dollar will be less than worthless. The man can’t put together a solid coherent thought, let alone a plan to save anything.

    Either way its a win for me. Stong dollar and I buy more crypto. Crap dollar and crypto to the moon. Kind of hoping to see the smash and defaults on the over extended, aching to buy more cheap real-estate. Im still not tired of winning and making good money though.

    One thing is for sure though if the butnug with no plan gets elected. Im closing up shop and sending the help away for good. More lock downs and high taxes make it just not worth the effort and sacrifice anymore. It will be time to kick it at home with the family, collect the mail box money, and wait to snatch up the shattered dreams of the debtors for a song and a dance.

  3. If Biden gets elected that will be beginning of socialism and one world tax Fed and IRS will be gone under Nesara and all wealth distributed back to the people who have been robbed for 200 years crashes are part of Fed and central banks system collapsing the transition will be smooth Trump won’t hurt the people Biden will sell out the people and country Trump took back Fed March 28th Bush and Pelosi sold out to banks and robbed us through foreclosures globally One world tax
    So much is happening right before your very eyes . While men slept our wealth was stolen and paid taxes to foreign companies (Sadow government) through Fed, IRS to steal hard assets and CIA. O commit crimes in US name
    This election is not about Trump or Biden Democrats vs Republic the a Democrats sold out and robbed the people 50 years ago after a Supreme Court ruling and every President who tried to reveal died JFK and MLK and others

  4. People who take this advise and sell now will buy back in after the election to get there free spark tokens that is if they can nothing is guaranteed in life. I say hold…plus I can see a shit load of money coming into XRP from other cryptos even at a loss so they can get free mystery spark tokens. Once they obtain them they may go back to Bitcoin or whatever they were into so could the whole crypto market be buying XRP for and because of spark my bet is yes could we see a $100 to $1000 XRP very soon because of the fomo opportunity on spark and what it’ll be worth it’s very possible at this point so it might go down then moon I hope!

  5. You need you to update your understanding of socialism and how it works in America. Every time folks hear tax the rich they say socialism because they want so badly to be the “them.” In America, it’s socialism for the wealthy and ultra capitalism for everyone else. If we really want to reward hard work let’s stop stacking the deck for a few.

  6. Market is uncertainty nobody is sure about the market …it like telling everybody to buy buy buy now sell.. not cool man

  7. lets hear, i know you wont say how many xrp you own, but a lot of talk and no real numbers, i think everyone here wants the percentage on your xrp sell off,

  8. I”m for Trump. He is a real business man. Not just a politician. He knows how everything works, and how to make it work properly. I agree sell XRP XLM VET AND ADA for now. Buy lower Hopefully that’s the right way. yeah.

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