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  1. Just picked up some XLM hit my Xrp Goal a while ago was geting little by little but now going for my XLM bag…🙏🏽🚀🥂🍾🥩🏠🔥

  2. XRP is going to go like a bow and arrow. The further it’s pulled back the further the arrow goes.
    XRP will literally take off early next year.

  3. XRP is a CON game .. usage has no affect on the price … Garlinghouse sold millions of XRP as other Ripple executives ….Why are there so many XRP pump channels ??? are they being paid? …will you ever SEE thier face????? other channels were you do see thier faces …promote other coins and do not say XRP to the moon…..not saying XRP is not being used …. but banks are using lots of other coins.. for fast settlement….. they don’t tell you that …..if you want to sell something you got to find buyers ….the money and the utillity is a disconnet ….what ever you have ..can you lose it??? the downside is equal to the up side ….HIGHLY risky ……back up the truck … greedy people get burned ….silicon valley sharks selling XRP!

  4. Dude, Bull, the fact that USD Coin is heading to Stellar is massive. Every talk I hear from Brian brooks or Chris Larsen mentions CBDCs being ran with a stablecoin tied to the US dollar. Well, here we have a stablecoin leaving Chinese tech in favor of stellar. That tells me all I need to know. They roll out the cbdc on the stellar blockchain network to test it using the retail space to see public reaction etc before going live with XRP in the large corporation space. Makes sense. I’m big time bullish on xlm.

  5. Is there another Distributive Ledger token in the private sector besides XRP XLM. I know anything could come but just wondering if anything else on exchanges now has that classification

  6. What about people that can’t afford cell phones and internet (i.e the homeless, poor, etc)….how is this digital economy going to work for them?

  7. It looks real nice that digital RMB. They seem very pleased, and ready to embrace the change this technology will provide for them.

  8. What incentive does Ripple have to help the US and the dollar? The US is not crypto friendly nor does it have clarity. They should move to either the UK or Singapore and throw the US and the dollar under the bus for its stupidity. This partial show that China is doing is just for the international community, they can go 100% live at any time because they have been using the system for several years. It is just smoke and mirrors. The politicians know the score and are just playing political theater being the clowns and Pinocchio’s that they are. They are all professional liars but the sheeple still believe them.

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