Ripple XRP: Was Brad Garlinghouse CUT OFF For Leaking Too Much Info? The Flywheel Effect For XRP

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Rothschilds Buy Bitcoin


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  1. Ripple is to payments as Amazon is to books… what he is saying is, Amazon just started with books but now they sell almost EVERYTHING!!!! Just like how Ripple is starting with cross border payments soon they will be doing EVERYTHING financial!!!!!

    • @Uncle J you are SO negative about XRP. Just go look at some coins you have faith in. Why are you wasting your time here?

    • Yes, but XRP is to Ripple as a MB or MegaBit is to a transfer of data on an internet provider’s network. Please help explain why there is value in that. I am very open to understanding this concept and would invest if someone can prove the value. I actually see it going down with greater adoption as has data prices on mobile networks over the past 5 years.

    • He should if wore a tuxedo like the guys in that movie step brothers then he should of farted really loud then Maria should of said it smells like ketchup up it stinks now get out that would of been better than the obvious your saying to much…controversial cutoff with the music…where’s the dead give away guy at! Lol!

    • @Mark Lucera thats not true MB is just an abbreviations for mega bite… XRP is completely separate from Ripple

    • @superchelseafctw just get some , Chuck it on a nano and throw it in a drawer, check in 3 yrs, stop
      Bitching about it. It’s a cheap gamble

  2. I don’t think he was cut off because of time. It was way too abrupt. She did not try and interrupt him to let him know time was running out and they actually cut off his mic. I can’t recall the last time I saw this happen unless it was intentionally to stop the person from speaking. It would be way too rude.

    • It was a little worse when Newt Gingrich brought up George Soros talking to Harris Faulkner. That was awkward

  3. Governments usually start “new” laws and regulations at the beginning of a year, not mid year and not the end of the year. I believe if everything goes well it’ll be effective January 1st, 2021. We should continue to be patient.

  4. We are at a “Tech Cold War” with CHYNA–Nobody is mentioning this obvious reason why Brad was cut off. Maria states, “[stammers] …you don’t want to cede all this innovation to Chyna.” The conversation that is being put before Congress is pivotal information that we don’t necessarily want to broadcast to our rivals. It has nothing about us pee-ons–the retail investor … SHEESH!!

  5. This market is hyper manipulated with Jedi psychological mind tricks. ….These are not the coins you seek…..(Xrp). 🥺🤪

  6. Time Stamp 20:24, BG presses his lips together after being surprised to be cut off on mic…this is classic body language to hold back words about to be spoken. Totally agree with you. Then the broadcaster says, “you don’t want to seed, you don’t want to seed….”…There was def action to prevent him from finishing his statement that there is “bipartisan supp-…” yah…yah..yah…why is he prevented from finishing his statement about bipartisan support…

  7. Spark on uphold old news, almost a month ago maybe more. They have specified it will be 1:1 so yeah fuck keeping them on uphold and letting them keep the extra lol.

    • @TheLittlePatriotNa I get it. I guess I should have said for the average blue collar… Because $8 XRP is gonna allow me to buy another house but that’s not super life changing life changing is I never have a 9 to 5 ever again and basically you have what’s called Fu(# you money. I think you to have to have a 100,000 XRP at under $10 to start to get near F U money. Not to mention the fact that the IRS is going to rip your eyeballs out with 15% Capital gains tax. I think for the majority of holders acts RP is going to need to really get to a hundred bucks to make life changing impact.

      I mean you could always go live in Thailand.

    • @Luke Baehr 15% capital gains? On what planet? ha, much much higher, not to mention you will be in a new tax bracket. Money does not, no matter the amount, change anyone’s life.

    • @Joel U @TheLittlePatriot And even if you manage to have that FU money…if you don’t have a plan on how to keep and make more money, you will be poor again in no time..

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