Schwartz Settles It: THE XRP LEDGER DID NOT “HALT”

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  1. Now, Ripple, let’s get to firing Nik Bougalis. What an ass hat. Bougalis has been thinking & tweeting with his dick for too long and if I was his boss he’d have been fired long ago. He’s easily replaceable with any number of coders who won’t increase brand risk and potentially jeopardize your upcoming IPO by airing private company information & FUD while being extremely unprofessional on Twitter.

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  3. Good god would you just shut the hell up and give the news….. you really like hearing yourself talk man get the heck on with it… everytime man just give the news

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  6. You really have to what else they are hiding . We just found out the possibility of doublespent attack existed . In this case Nick B might be right few second of halt might be characterized as delay by David Schwartz .

  7. Fools. Sell your all your XRP. It will not go beyond 1$ even if it is widely use and cross border transactins and widely adopted by banks, financial institutins and big companies. woooooooooo NEXT WEEK LAMBO

  8. Moon lambo I love XRP but quit saying you’re not a hype channel. 90% of your videos are other people’s price predictions about the next bull run. You serving up other people’s hype makes you complicit.

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