*FINANCIAL RESET STARTS TONIGHT?* Ripple/XRP: BIG BANG Financial Shift… Derivative Implosion

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-Reset Has Begun
-Big Bang Financial Shift

*I am not a financial adviser & this is not financial advice


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  2. If crypto isn’t safe on exchanges then where is it going to be exchanged?? Keep it offline only to bring it back online to sell it off to a company that ripped you off in the first place??

  3. I’m here wondering if I should take a big so called loan from my 401k . I keep informing my family in the Bahamas about their digital sand dollar coming this month. Even my aunt who works for the government there never knew about it.

  4. Get to safety with physical gold? 😂 what a joke. Only a day ago an Indian guy got arrested for trying to smuggle out gold… Yea right…. It’s a digital world, bitcoin is the new protection and unfortunately that Lynette will also be left behind

  5. DON’T trust her.. She’s either greatest actress.. Ever.. Or completely naive and a liar but she talks out of both side of her face so can’t trust her.. PUMP & DUMP.. EXPERT

  6. Fyi.. MANY @GS.. Were.. INDICTED .. embezzlement and racketeering charges..& I think you’re.. GIRL.. ZANG…is covering herself

  7. If everything went downhill tomorrow, I’d be fine. I don’t own gold or silver because you can’t eat it. I own crypto but if that all went downhill as well I’d still be fine because I would just take what I want. When society and the financial system fail and there’s chaos in the streets, people fighting over toilet paper, food, pharmaceuticals etc who’s going to be waiting in line at Walmart or the grocery store with an ounce of gold or silver to buy what’s left on the shelves? Police departments and the military are going to be busy all across the country fighting and trying to establish some sort of order but it’s going to be a futile effort because there’s more guns and more of us trying to survive whatever is coming than there is of them. If you want to survive when things go to downhill and there’s no hope in sight take what you need by any means necessary. In the Great Depression there were hoards of people that left the cities to go to the country to look for work and along the way they picked farmers fields clean because they were starving. Think of a walking dead style hoard of homeless, unemployed, starving people descending on your farm like a swarm of locusts and within 20 or 30 minutes your 100 acres of corn is picked clean. It happened and will happen again.

  8. Sorry.. TRUMP says best 3rd & 4th quarters.. Ever. He controls Treasury & now.. the FED. With J Shelton & B Brooks.. It’s unstoppable..

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  10. 2:40 think about it, when your using cash all your using is a wrinkly, piss stained piece of paper that has practically no value because the federal reserve has been non-stop printing it and credit cards are just pieces of plastic with a special chip and all of those things can be stolen, digital currencies like XRP and Etherium are safe and encrypted with a word sequence (although a virus may be able to steal those words/passwords/passcodes). But still I think XRP is a good investment and something is going to happen in the near future.
    Boom, 12 year old wrote that btw

  11. business as usual, nothing will happen.. relax guys. Worst case is Stock market will crash 20-30%, gold and silver and BTC will also crash 15% to 25% with it…ppl will hoard cash again… take another 1-2 years again for us to hold on to our stacks…to accumulate PMs and cryptos again.

  12. I love her, she says it how it is. I have said it before and I will say it again. They are running the play book 📚 play by play. I hope you all have ducks in a row. We also know all the USA states can declare bankruptcy on Friday and go back to work within 48hrs which would be Monday like nothing has happened

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