*IMF CALLS FOR NEW BRETTON WOODS MOMENT* Ripple/XRP Has IMF Connections.. Is The System Going Live??

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-IMF Head Monologue
-Financial Reset Has Arrived
-Bretton Woods History
-Gold Standard?

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  1. Lovely video, no doubt BITCOIN has taken the Bull by the horn and it’s obvious it will get to 15000 in a short period of time, loosing my coins during the fall broke me and I sold the rest not knowing I can double my portfolio with the help of trading with the little I have. 8 months ago I came across a comment on YT which accolades was being giving to Mr Dominguez Davisand I reached him and I explained my past experience to him and he introduce me to a special strategy which he provided me with 100 percent signal and with his strategy I was able to increase my portfolio from $5000 to $16000 in just 3 weeks, if you know you a newbie or you will like to increase your portfolio reach him on Telegram ((@Dominguez014

  2. ok, figured it out. they deleted my credit/debit card and were using ach through my checking acct. for some reason. oh, thats right they get to hold my crypto for 65 days now. awfully convenient dont you think? better check your accts with uphold, they did not send any notification about taking this action at all.

  3. Any one here remember Smiling Faces Sometimes by The Temptations ? Listen to the song and then watch this speech by Kristalina Georgieva. Apply it to all politicians, bankers, tech companies, government agencies and the vast majority of areas in life. We are all far to trusting and get burned far to often by those smiling faces.

  4. Climate change is BS, elites are using climate change for a New World Order, the climate has always changed and will keep changing.

  5. The reset actually began 31st May with the manipulation of the stock market, which ended in September and now that they have finished fcuking the markets they can now offer the solution that they always had planned. 😉

  6. Don’t forget that the new digital currencies can be programmed, so your behavior will be controlled by what is digitally allowed to purchase.
    Getting rid of Bitcoin is just the tip of the climate change agenda’s iceberg. They want us living in “sustainable cities” with everything green…..see Agenda 21 & 2030.
    I think a social credit score similar to what China uses is in our future, and this will be tied to our digital money directly from The Fed … which is how they will implement these policies.

  7. The only way to reduce Carbon Emissions to ZERO is to wipe out humanity completely. She is full of shit when it comes to climate change. What else is she Bullshitting us about. I don’t trust anyone from the IMF or any central bank. They are all the cause of the destruction going on around us. Want to really learn about Climate change and the lies surrounding it. Then watch the doco here on Yt called The Planet Of The Humans. It pretty much explains all you need to know about the so called renewable energies and the lies surrounding it. The only thing that can save us is if the NESARA GESARA is true. Otherwise we are screwed till eternity. The Elites of this world don’t want to help us little guys. They want to destroy us. These satan worshipping oxygen thieves are the ones who need to be wiped out. The rest of us can then get on with our lives and live it like we deserve to live it. With the utmost FREEDOM and prosperity….

  8. Can someone answer if we’re having a Big Bang sell off? I’m in profits and would like to catch a bottom on the next dip. I don’t have extra cash.

    Or are we going higher with this Big Bang, ending paper fiat ?

  9. if they do a debt jubilee cross the world it will come at a high price, they will NOT do this for free we all will pay the price. Not only losing our freedom but possibly our assets. I don’t trust any of this and urge people to make sure they have at least some silver gold crypto and food to last them through the bumpy times coming ahead. Food shortages are looming and a breakdown of this financial system will be pushed through. Just wait till they activate the 2nd wave, convid-21 coming

  10. When they say financial inclusion, what they really mean is let’s get those poor people on the grid that we can’t tax yet. Once they are on the grid and we can see them we will tax them.

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