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    • @kwigybo 69 I think there will be one more swell, maybe taking the price close to $2, created by the whales when they get insider information the crash is going to happen. People will buy thinking the price will moon and then bang crash wallop………………….it will bomb.

    • @Richard E
      I agree
      It has done zero since the 2017 tanking
      It’s all piss n wind from XRP PR representatives.
      The question I have is what are the shills getting to push this crap.

    • @kwigybo 69 If the price still remains stable at 24 cents after regulatory clarity, then it will be time to move on from xrp.

    • @Sounak Kabasi
      If there was any groundswell whatsoever the price would have gone up
      Insiders and whales know what’s what and it ain’t going nowhere fast.

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