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  1. highly doubt that’s whats going to happen but if it does I pray everybody has something they can fall back on just in case anything happens times are hard enough

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  5. It doesn’t show XRP. It shows different cryptos NOT XRP. What does that mean. Thank you. Gold and Silver is the Real Money. If there is NO POWER or INTERNET. What would you use. ROTHCHILDS have GOLD. They Now. Thank you.

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  7. no offence for bullish guys, but I’m very sure nothing will happen at least for a couple of years to Ripple XRP.

    If you really think GREAT RESET happens and XRP is positively affected by it, that is like an illusion, fantasy or just your unrealistic hopes.

    Ripple has so many things to do yet.. and whales manipulate the coin market as always and it has been proved so many times that a number of great news for Ripple XRP have nothing to do with its price so far. Only it is up to huge whales..

    Hope u guys get out of fantasy dream already and be stronger 🙂

  8. hacks are really reliable I got 5btc to my wallet using the software purchase from them they’re really amazing

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