Will the Ethereum pattern against Bitcoin repeat?

This pattern of ETH/BTC has played out the last 5 years. Will it play out again? Is Ethereum setting itself up for yet another good buy against Bitcoin in late Q4 for a nice short term ROI against Bitcoin in Q1 2021? Let me know what you think of this pattern in Ethereum against Bitcoin in the comment section below!

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  1. Shouldn’t we be asking the questions…

    but more than happy to play along…
    Yes it will.
    Ratio will repeat…

    Extra points.
    Next super rally to start just before election

  2. It’ll be cool that you’ll be rich in ~2023 but it’ll be cooler that you’ll have made a bunch of other people rich too

    • Well under a biden presidency, your long term cap gains rates will go up to 40% plus state. It’s really going to hurt if this market goes to 3-5T in this cycle

  3. It’s a shame that when you try to play these coins against one another ( I play link against eth) that you are subject to marginal tax rates stcg. Another thing that I’m really worried about with a biden presidency is the ltcg rate. Under Biden, will go up to 40% plus state rates…..really will cut into gains here if this market does explode to 3-5T….

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