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  1. A lot of XRP videos saying BE READY. XRP won’t grow because only coins that flows through exchange will be counted for it to become bullish.

  2. Considering this was 2yrs ago and I myself never even knew it happened it seems like a non issue, however would it have been magnified if there where say a trillion or more of daily volume running thru the ledger?

  3. How many black eyes Microsoft and Apple software had and has….still made Trillions. I’m not the only one who needs a vacation.

    • transactions made after the bug occurred, had to wait for the ledger to sync…. thats it. Let’s compare that to bitcoin’s transaction duration 🤣

  4. So what no body is perfect. As far as they fix the problem. People in this country always want thing the easy way and perfect. Expect too much.

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