PRICES BOOM Along with HUGE NEWS about PAYPAL! Ripple XRP Price Chart Sets to Follow Bitcoin’s Lead!

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  3. Condolences and prayers for you and your family. I have watched everything you have uploaded for the last 3 months, and you’ve never come off as rude ; that’s just crazy talk, man ; you have to be the most laid back dude I’ve ever seen on youtube ! Also, being new to investing in crypto ( literally 3 months ) I just want you to know how much you have helped me ; If it wasn’t for you and your spot on TA I would be freaking out right now watching BTC shoot up while xrp lags behind. If it wasn’t for your accurate price predictions I would never have bought your exit plan course, and would never have purchased BTC for my portfolio ( just in time, lol ) Anyways, thank you and all the best !

  4. Who else thinks Paypal “timed” the release of this news? Could not line up better with the breakout!

  5. The most important part of this video is near the end. We, animal lovers, share yours and your family’s sorrow and pain. I can sympathize with your absence.

  6. what happens when the stock crashs… gotta be comming soon…will all the printing ? will bitcoin ..the and everything else . 🤔

  7. Well the US stock market tech stocks move up together because they’re in ETFs but many cryptos are not so

  8. Much love to you and your family for the BC Barker loss. We lost our guy a couple weeks ago… not easy my friend. Hang tough BB!

  9. Btc went up a further thousand dollars after this post – to $13300 with pull back to $12800. Full on. God rest ur dog bro been there.

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