Ripple XRP News: This Is Literally One Of The Biggest Days In The History Of Crypto!

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  1. I thought PayPal partnered with PayPal earlier. If the crypto currencies are in fact pegged to xrp it will be the bridge even on pay pal… it’s the “ledger” to show the transaction between currencies.

  2. Great news for XRP. Nobody is going to use Bitcoin when it’s slow and expensive. Bitcoin, as a currency, is on borrowed time.

    I also hold Kin. The SEC just ruled it’s not a security. Most used crypto, vibrant eco system, biblical references. I’m sure it fits in somewhere.

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    • Yessss!! Bitcoin going up is good for the entire market. My largest holding is also xrp, and I actually root for bitcoin to do well, because history shows xrp lags behinds it.

    • I have tested Burwell Coleman and for sure his strategy top of the trading so what are you still waiting for?

    • This is the best i could get on here and am glad i had to trade with his strategy because it has hepled me ever since.

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  5. Hi Dusty. Where do we get that Bitcoin credit card (as shown on the video)? Thank you. I like both.

    • It is “Ripple XRP News: This Is Literally One Of The Biggest Days In The History Of Crypto!
      ” Please forgive me for not telling you which one it is. I forget you have a ton of them and don’t know which ones I have seen. LOL = Laugh Out Loud. There is a pic of the card at about 5:46. Who won the giveaway? See you soon.

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