Ripple XRP News: I’m Buying More XRP, I Just Realized Something: #0Doubt

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  1. Gordon has been saying 48 hrs for the past year 😆 he’s a good guy but those dam predictions lol. Even though XRP is global i think it’ll be a good idea for them to leave the US. I don’t want to see them move but how can you give clarity on 2 Chinese coins BTC and ETH, especially BTC and no word at all for 2 years now on XRP? Especially how much they been helping the Govt out with rules and regulations. They gave a green light on 2 non American coins but not a American coin? All as they did was pushed BTC and ETH ahead in the game, plus it’s turning into a shit hole where their at anyway. A change might be good. But after 4 years I have a gut feeling something deep is coming soon anyway. We’ll find out soon enough.

  2. No Doubt- Those who can feel it know.

    Only Crypto to make my Body Vibrate.

    XRP-Pheonix will Rise from the old Ashes! 🔥💚⚡️🔑🙏☀️

  3. OMG gordongekko369 again hypes all the times with no facts. I stop follow this guy a long time ago…these kind of announcements he made almost every day so tired of these kind of XRP people

  4. 2%er can I afford to loose it YES I can afford to loose not going to its a investment , not going to hurt I in for the longer run , it will happen !! so settle down and Hold ! If you dont have it to invest go pay your BILLS .

  5. I believe in XRP! I’ve done my research and DustyBC Crypto is right. I’m in the finance business and have friends who are serious investors and have XRP in their portfolio. Bitcoin will definitely double or even triple but XRP will multiple even more. That’s my opinion.

  6. Why is no one talking about the fact that Brad said Ripple isn’t selling any more XRP to exchanges? Only to it’s partners… LIMITED SUPPLY FOR US

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