1. Bitcoin likely will replace not just Gold and Silver but Treasury holdings by corporations, creation of ETF, then Sovereign funds …just buy and hold Bitcoin

    • Crypto – susceptible to “51% attacks”, a lot aren’t scalable, can be banned by gov’ts to limit underground economic activity, has no oversite (can be pumped and dumped by gov’ts/big entities), the cryptographic functions in these cryptocurrencies could possibly be made broken in the later future with advances in tech/in cryptography, gov’ts can provide better alternatives/incentives to that of existing cryptocurrencies, long term safe keeping/circulation of these coins can be problematic in the future (theft, loss, forgotten, etc.), etc.

  2. The greatest pyramid scheme ever pulled. Congrats to the market makers and my condolences to all those who go broke when they pull the plug on this thing.

    • You know nothing of which u speak.. they won’t pull the plug on something they plugged in… the ones to go broke are people like you.. who can’t see the future

    • @Kenneth Parker The days of small market cap hyperactive gains are over. The risk to reward profile is pitiful on this thing compared to so many other assets that don’t have the volatility of dropping 50% in a single day. You’d be crazy to invest in Bitcoin under the stratospheric hope that it could 5x over the next few years when you can pick up legit tech stocks that 5x in a month or less. And those companies actually generate something called REVENUE unlike currencies which are nothing more than a medium of exchange and should never be viewed as hype bubble get rich schemes.

    • @Tom Wilkins you sound really smart but please enlighten us on the tech stocks you think are going to 5x in a month 😂😂 oh that’s right they already did.

    • @Malibu 340 There are too many to name. I’ve been holding SOLO since it started breaking out of a long term cup and handle formation and it went from 2.50 to 13 in just under 1 month at today’s high. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it kept going. That’s more than 5x in a month.

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  4. anyone who doesn’t have at least 1% of their net worth in bitcoin is trippin. And to think, if every millionaire decided to put just 0.5% there won’t be enough coins and price will rocket to 100k easily.

  5. I just bought some. I’m not gonna just sit here and watch it go to 100k and not have any. This is stupid. The chart says 100k. What else is there to do around here?

  6. Top USA psychic Michelle Whitedove says youtube creator Steve Chen and Twitch founder Justin Kan’s get-paid-to-watch Streams Theta,tv will 10000x. $THETA

  7. In few month’s or no time people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptos

  8. Bitcoin price is tracking inside a pennant pattern right now as candle wicks pinch between two trend lines (yellow). This is a classic bullish continuation pattern and usually results in a strong breakout once the asset reaches maximum consolidation. According to Mr Frank Cole, the statistical likelihood of Bitcoin’s price ending the year higher than $20,000 – it’s current all-time high – now stands above 25%. Despite this optimism, however, short-term volatility has slackened right off during this period of consolidation. The global crypto market capital has been holding steady around $500 billion for the last 3 days. Will we see another surging rally start soon? Well Mr Frank Cole warns new cryptocurrency buyers to be careful as the picture is not clear yet and for now you can only make a profit by trading your stock with a strategy instead of panic selling, for me, My only advice to newbies and fellow traders is to multiply the little you have with Frank’s strategy, I was able to make 7.5btc with 1btc in 3 weeks with his cryptocurrency trading strategy, reach him on telegram @Franktrading99 or mail ” Franktrading99@gmail. com”

    • I am not posting this as financial advice and you need to do your own due diligence, Frank has really helped a lot in the crypto market, i think investors should follow more of his patterns.

    • Frank helped me to understand technical analysis, now i can examine the current chart and predict which way the market will go.He is definitely the best pro trader i know

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  9. The haters will hate and continue to say it’s a scam.
    But when you have companies like Fidelity, JP Morgan,Grayscale Microsoft,PayPal and numerous international banks getting involved in crypto,that should tell you something. One of these companies just purchased over 15,000 Bitcoin last month. The writing is on the wall but as usual people will wait until it’s too late to make life changing investments. Just like they did with Amazon,Google,Facebook,coca cola. Most people are scared to get involved because you have to do some research and be responsible for your own money. Some find it a bit difficult to come to grips with crypto addresses and transferring. It can be a bit daunting at first,but there are plenty of you tube videos on how to buy,sell and store your crypto on a ledger nano S for safe keeping. The other thing regarding crypto if you hold the asset for more than 365 days your tax will be 23% on your gain. Or 43% if you sell within 365 days.
    Print out you purchase from the website as this will show your purchase date and cost. This can be used at tax time,if not the details can be found on the blockchain. Once Bitcoin breaks through that $20,000 us barrier,know one knows where the price will end up. Could go to $35,000 or $100,000. If you buy now at $24,000 and the price crashes in a month or so don’t panic,it will rise in price again. This is how newbies lose their money. Just buy and hold for a few years.I am not an expert trader but I am a smart one because I trade with Mr.bryan rosenstein and he provides a lot of insight and signals. I have grown my position from 4 btc to 9.050 btc in less than a month. bryan is truly a genius and his prediction are accurate, efficient and gives you a constant profit streak. He can be reached through telgram on <<<>>>> or whatsapp on
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    • One of the things I benefited from crypto is buying a house, thanks to my son for advicing me to invest in crypto a long time ago

    • On the contrary, many of us who are trying to understand the more technical aspects of what is going on appreciate these more in-depth updates. There are no more simplified explanations to crypto basics elsewhere than bryan’s.

    • on the grand scheme of things, once you understand the potential of bitcoin, you can bet on it but I think people need education to fully understand

  10. I don’t see Bitcoin replacing gold, Cryptocurrency is it’s own new asset class distinctively different from precious metals. With that being said I feel bad for anyone who hasn’t been into crypto the past 3 years. You’ve missed out on a lot of bread.

  11. Every comment asking you to contact someone or send btc sonewhere is a scam, ignore it.

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