XRP PRICE IS ABOUT TO FLY! $8 Target followed by $14. Also I PURCHASED A NEW CRYPTO! Time To Fly!

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    • @Henri de Proms lmfao if you have 120 xrp and xrp hits $100 you DO NOT have $12,000,000 WHO TAUGHT YOU MATH?! 😂😂😂

    • @Angry Combat Wombat Where did I say 120 XRP?
      I clearly wrote 120,000 XRP’s x 100 USD = 12 million USD.
      Who taught you to read? 😂😂😂

    • @Henri de Proms You separated it with a decimal and not a comma like youre supposed to so it looked like 120 to me lmfao I read it just fine. And thats funny how you say “I clearly wrote 120,000 xrp’s” when that isnt even what you wrote the first time. You corrected it in your 2nd comment so you knew exactly what I was talking about.

  1. Dude. I hope you get this. You have a 401k with Fidelity? Because of the CARES ACT, you can withdraw up to $100,000 that you don’t have to pay back or you can within 3 years. I just did it – the money is literally in my account and I bought up a ton of XRP ALGO silver and gold.

    • You make it seem like it’s imaginary money. POOF HELLO HERE IS SOME MONEY FOR YOU. No, if you meet certain criteria – you can have penalty fees waived. Which is nice, don’t get me wrong. But you are taking out your investment money – a withdrawal, not a forgivable loan as in PPP or something. I mean do what you want by my 401k is killing all my crypto. Hopefully it’s the opposite soon…

    • I have fidelity and they only allowed 7k withdrawal for weather emergency. I did take a 25k loan out prior for my Van; paying back each paycheck w/ 4% interest.

    • @XRP Right Now – you have 3 years to pay it back, so that will incur zero taxes. If you don’t plan to pay it back, they ask if you want to withhold any for taxes. I said no because I truly believe either the IRS will be gone within 3 years, or XRP will moon to the extent where i can easily afford to pay the taxes on it sometime within 3 years.

  2. If you “store your value” in BTC, you’re simply storing it in the pockets of the elites who will dump their Satoshi (and whale) wallets on your head at the heights of coming retail fomo. They told you it’s shit while they loaded up, now they tell you it’s a store of value so you’ll hold it when they dump and take away your “stored” value. It’s not a store of value for them, it’s the grandest pump and dump scheme of all time that will bleed out (rat poison, anyone?) the life savings of millions. BTC will cause more suicides than any other single asset in history and it will transfer more wealth from the sheeple to the elites than any other scheme in history. Don’t be caught HOLDING the worthless bags when they dump and crash BTC into hades.

    • You hit my feelings on it right on the head. Why someone would buy ONE intangible, useless BTC, over NINE OR TEN beautiful, shiny US Golden Eagles just blows my mind. Now, on a “alt-coin” with actual utility to be used worldwide in the future. I am bullish!! Hopefully one day soon my butler will be typing all my YouTube comment responses for me….

    • Totally agree with you. Bitcoin will work just like the stock market works.

      The rich get in as Angel Investors and buy it up on mass for pennies on the dollar. It goes up in value massively…..but remember they only own a ton of stock at this point. It isn’t making them rich yet, they need a bunch of suckers to buy it from them at ATH’s. That is when & how they make a killing, it’s off the unloading, dumping, selling….whatever you want to call it…. to the sheeple, who are only more than willing to give up their hard earned money for a overpriced Stock/Bitcoin that then drops like a rock in value.
      It’s a classic rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    • @Lord Wise It should also be noted that this is not the only means by which the rich get richer, we also grow our wealth through wise stewardship of our resources (including health and time) and honest provision of relevant value to others who happily exchange for that value and sing praises of a quality experience.

      There are “the rich” occultists (the elites) who are motivated by power, not money, and they collaborate to serve their own interests at the expense of everyone else (the definition of a conspiracy).

      There are “the rich” productive class who work hard and sacrifice to build the systems and create the value that the elites tax and exploit and “the poor” consume. Through oppressive taxation the elites steal away wealth from the productive class (the demonized “1%”) and distribute it via welfare programs to “the poor” masses to pacify them and earn their support for the corruption.

      There are “the poor” unproductive class who are not truly poor but simply have poor habits and earn the results thereof. This class is the “sheeple” majority of the population who holds the power in a democracy but do not truly think for themselves, rather they are programmed by the elites via their corporate media, state “schooling” (indoctrination) facilities, entertainment, etc. etc. and therefore the elites truly hold the power in a democracy as who leads the minds of the masses in a democratic system is who truly leads the system. Democracy is a filthy deception as the less competent majority rules over the more competent (benevolent) minority and that majority is lead by the malevolent few (the elites), so us competent “1%” who are demonized by the elites’ propaganda and pillaged by their unjust taxation regimes are forced to the fringes of society.

      The unproductive class should not be given fish (welfare programs) but rather taught how to fish (wise strategies and habits for excellence of character and effectiveness in life). Guiding people along this path is a passion of mine and many others of “the rich” who have traveled that path ourselves (myself having grown up with a single father in a trailer house in rural Iowa – when my dad could have afforded to become a debt slave with a home in the suburbs he instead showed me wise stewardship of his meager income and invested it into tools, resources, trips, and mentorship that equipped me for excellence in life. My dad didn’t accomplish great success financially but his incredible success of character and competence in many important areas of life, and his highly-involved parenting, are an achievement I admire and aspire to emulate with my own growing herd of children).

      There are the truly poor who are the infirm of society who are genuinely incapable of caring for themselves and require care from loved ones / organizations.

      The Robinhood (socialist propaganda) RICH vs POOR dichotomy is a deception of the elites to pit the unproductive class against the productive class. It obfuscates the criminality of the elites by demonizing the productive class and victimizing the unproductive class by grouping them in with the infirm and truly victimized of society (primarily victims of the elites themselves, such as depopulation initiatives, human trafficking, experimentation, etc.)

      Anywho, you get the point. 😌

  3. In order for XRP to get to the price that we want ripple will have to sell most of their XRP otherwise there is not enough XRP in the market to even get to $5

    • @jim broussard the math is easy market cap divided by total supply gives you the price there is no magic to this currently there is 14.5 billion market cap in xrp divided by 46.3 billion in supply this gives you the price, so in order for xrp to go to $5 there would need to be a market cap of 226.5 billion easy math

    • @David Alvarez There is way more to it than that. I am not picking on you and I mean no disrespect…..but simply put….if it was just a matter of selling all the XRP….it would have been done long ago.

    • Lord Wise it’s simple supply and demand the demand is the market cap and the supply is the total available XRP there is no evidence of anything else, you can look at every token in Crypto and this is the only thing determines price I dare you to show me proof otherwise, don’t get me wrong I want XRP to worth thousands but for that to happen you need 100’s of trillions of market cap

    • @David Alvarez Ok….first off, I was telling you it is supply & demand…..look at my comment. So, you are just saying what I told you. And you are saying back to me like I have no idea what I am talking about….nice try.
      Second….market cap is just Circulating Supply X the Current price = Market Cap! That is all it is.
      Thirldly….market cap is for stocks….it was never meant to be a measurement for Crypto. It just isn’t an accurate unit of measurement for Crypto period.
      If XRP jumps up to a trillion dollar Market Cap next week, do you really think a trillion dollars would have gone into XRP to make that market cap of a trillion dollars? Hell no and every economist will hell you the same thing. There is a multiplier effect at work that would give XRP it’s trillion dollar Market Cap. So, you are getting things mixed up to fit your narrative and you do not fully understand how this all works.

    • @Lord Wise when you look at charts that say price look at column that says m cap and the column that says supply and divided by each other and that equals the price they are showing its all there look at it for yourself this is true with every token out there it’s not me saying it it’s all there in black and white try it and you will see go to coinbase and pull up any token and scroll down it will show you this and fo the math

  4. XRP is a far better investment than Bitcoin.
    Say you have 2 Bitcoins for a total of $35,000. You also have 120.000 XRP’s for also $35,000.
    If the XRP price rises to $100,- your wallet is worth 12,000,000 (12 million dollar)
    The 2 Bitcoins wel NEVER reach 12 million dollar (6 million dollar each). NEVER.
    XRP will absolutely reach $100. It will also reach $1000,- and more.

    • Dude your maths is absolutely terrible, you can’t compare them like this. XRP current price, $0.32 to $100 is a $10 trillion market cap. Bitcoin price to $6,000,000 is a $126 trillion market cap. You can’t compare based on a random final price.. You should obviously compare them to the same market cap, bitcoin to $10 trillion would be $480,000 per bitcoin. Now talking about the likelihood one of them reaches 10 trillion?

      Bitcoin seems much more likely, it’s number one, it has over x30 market cap compared to XRP currently, everybody, institutions are buying bitcoin. So the jump from $300 billion to $10 trillion for Bitcoin (x25) seems a lot more likely than from $14 billion to $10 trillion for XRP (x700)… So yes if both were to achieve the same market cap, XRP would obviously be the better investment, but bitcoin’s market cap has been number one for the last 12 years, with nothing else coming close, especially XRP. What makes you think XRP will have the no. 1 market cap in the next 10 years? Hallucinogens probably because it won’t, I want what you’re smoking please..

      Man I hate people who spout crap like this. Sure I think XRP is a better investment at the moment, i’m not disagreeing with that. But to think xrp is going to reach $1,000 you are clearly mentally disabled.

  5. I really wanna sell some of my physical silver and gold to get more xrp….but I can’t bring myself to do it….will have to be happy with what i have and hope to have more time to add before xrp really takes off.

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