XRP (Ripple) Price Update

Here is our XRP (Ripple) price update. Check it out now to see what’s forecast to happen for XRP (Ripple).

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  1. The demand for xrp will increase significantly due to the flare network and the spark token distribution. We don’t know how high it is going to go, but a $.40 area should be easily achieved between now and December 10th

    • Damn i push 1000$ on xrp when btc was 13k arround end october then i not see the ripple moving and lost 800$ with CVC. Now im with a X10 leverage on XRP i will buy more at 0.35

  2. Nov 20th at 1:30am the price hit .299… I think XRP is going up from that price point which .30 has been support and resistance for 100’s of days. Next stop on the way up is .39 cents. After that I believe we’ll continue to rise and rise. With all that’s happening behind the scenes of today’s craziest year for the world in 2020 we know Ripple has the infrastructure, capital, partnerships, and support of many involved in politics, regulatory clarity, etc. Once XRP is given clarity as a high priced stable-coin, or a whole new term all together is given to XRP as the single most valuable asset in any class due to its unique position to be able to offer utility to help transform the old legacy telex swift banking system, it will continue to rise and rise. Those in for the long term investment will benefit over the next 5-10 years. I’m not sure XRP will ever come back down to these prices unless for a quick quality control check, at support of around .30 or .22 then straight back up to where ever it is at that time. Okay obviously this is all hypothetical. Do your own research. Don’t ever invest due to what people are saying especially me. Thanks for your content you create. ✌🏻

    • yea like 5 billion only so far, whats your point? You know there is still weeks until Dec12, A lot of people will buy towards that date and setup for the snapshot before that date.

    • @William Kozielski If you have hundreds/thousands of XRP and you are straight up being given them on a 1:1+ ratio, how can it not be beneficial. We are all still very early into crypto and the potential price of XRP and Spark could go to prices that may be mind blowing in the years ahead..

    • @go go go go go go go go ok so xrp runs billions of dollars a day on the ledger…. with out adoption and regulations…. it works! Hands down will be the most used crypto of all and use case now it is…. price is suppressed!! If utility doesn’t raise the price then demand does, ok…. so what will spark be used for? Smart contacts a valuable utility but price can’t rise above xrp correct? Will it be valuable bc of demand? I would you sale it to someone who can’t and doesn’t own a spark wallet? So then what? Who do you sale to? Where will it get value?

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