Litecoin Price Prediction- Why $1200 LTC is Probable THIS CYCLE

This Litecoin Price Prediction video breaks down why the LTC cryptocurrency is on pace to smash its all-time highs in the year 2021. #Litecoin #LTC

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  1. Yes Anthony at the very least triple the price and I say that’s a worse case scenario and 10 X is more likely to happen but I get why you don’t want to say it on video.
    I can say it and let me say it for you,
    Litecoin will most likely 10X in 2021 and I’ll be really surprised if it doesn’t and I’m not even holding One but I’ve known and feel the very same as you Anthony and is why your video just reminded me to close this comment down and pick up 10 or so litecoin before it’s to late as I’ve been meaning to buy a dozen or so since they were 42.00 each so I need to say goodbye and buy my litecoin right now 😂😂😂

  2. I seriously doubt that LTC will go up to $400+ any time soon. And like you said – history doesn’t always repeat. Don’t compare Litecoin to Bitcoin’s halving. Litecoin went through a halving in mid-2019, and it did NOT rise. In fact, Litecoin price DUMPED after it’s halving. It still hasn’t gone back even to pre-halving prices of $100 – $150

    • This is a fair point. I’m aware of the LTC halving also but def feel Litecoin is undervalued right now. Thanks for commenting and sharing your insights for everyone on here.

  3. This is amazing I never thought of this before not until I got my profit of 10000 dollars I’m happy with my families thank you for your help trader donnal WhatsApp him via +13478999322

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