Ripple XRP Price Chart PUMPS to $0.44 with the Altcoin Market Cap Exploding

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  1. “I just got here 2 weeks ago” FUCK MY LIFE! you lucky ass! The last 3 years have been hell on earth! hahaha

  2. So after it hits around $13 and pulls back to around $3.20-$3.40 where does it go from there?? Where do all of these “xrp surge to $50..$100..$1000” come from?? Also have you done any research for stellar?

  3. literally discuss blockchain. The varying tickers, best pics, current prices. Live up to your name… BLOCKCHAIN!!!! BLCN, BLOK, KOIN, IBM….??? You can do it mate!!

  4. Everyone spoke about how much XRP supplied in the market so there was no possibility of a raise
    Well I didnt give a sh.. I bought at 26 sold all at 40, which I regret now
    I wish I discovered this channel before

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