Ripple (XRP) to $10? Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction and Technical Analysis | Token Metrics AMA

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Ripple (XRP) to $10?

Ripple (XRP) price prediction and technical analysis.

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  1. Centralize isn’t the F word the banking system is they rule the world and it seems ripple has the solution to their problem if you think a bunch of bitcoin babies and their hard wallets are gonna overthrow them you’re delusional

    • oh yeah, and not to mention the fact it Bitcoin is over 50% mined in China so that is the very definition of centralized.
      For those who want a coin that is decentralized and is similar to bitcoin, DGB DIGIBYTE is 40 times faster than Bitcoin, much closer to satoshi’s original version of a decentralized coin, a grassroots and not corporate community. Much higher potential than Bitcoin with an all-time high of $0.33, five layers of security compared to bitcoins one, and much more use case than Bitcoin.
      Love XRP btw.

  2. You guys are naive to think bankers would just give up the reigns. I always thought that if you guys were as smart as you sounded, xrp would be in your sights. Everything is planned out already and they look at you guys like teenagers in their mothers basement. Life ain’t fair

    • so i would say in one year time min 10 dollars to be conservative with the price considering xrp back then did not had anything close to what it has today fundamentals are greater than ever and we are in the midst of a crisis liquidity crisis xrp moves money fast solves lots of liquidity problems countries do not need to hold billions of dollars in nostro vostro accounts it does free up lots of liquidity Bill if you think about it, SWIFT the main competitor alone has a yearly profit which is huge net worth of SWIFT huge and it uses a technology of the bloody 90s it s in fact an outdated early internet era protocol, it takes 5 days …..halloooo 5 days, not to mention the currency risk …….

  3. It going through the moon going towards Mars shooting past the unreversed and flying through the galaxy and going to the heaven you be surprise

  4. Hello , can you please take a look at wise token , it sou sounds so legit and New! In 11 days they raised almost 20.000 ethereum, thanks

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