XRP Finally Broke Volume ATH Today, It’s Insane! Here’s What That Means For The XRP Price (PUMP!)

No guarantees, not financial advice, just my thoughts.

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This is not financial advice!
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  1. i made enough money in the last 3 days to buy a house, not touching it though just spreading it out as it goes up

  2. If you’re not buying to hodl then don’t buy at all, simple. This πŸ‘ Is πŸ‘ An πŸ‘ Investment πŸ‘. Not a get rich quick scheme. I promise that I’d you hodl, you will reap the rewards. XRP is the sleeping giant

  3. An I confirm my first transfer through Maskoffweb,com site yesterday they fund my cash app account with $20,000 payment for my bills

  4. Not gonna lie, I dont believe most people when they claim that they’re not selling. maybe thats just my paranoia from being born and raised into poverty lol

  5. My number one rule in crypto, never feel bad about old prices. I used to own BTC at 200, and got rid of it as back when the top price prediction was 250 lol. .. Hindsight is rough.

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