Has The XRP Bullrun Ended? NO IT HASN’T, It’s Still Big Bullrun Time, Correction Or Not

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This is not financial advice!
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  1. I think this is just a small correction which needed to happen. Bullish pennant did not get the result we anticipated, not a problem though, as we would only start buying if it broke out on the upside, NOT the downside (which it did).
    $0.55 may get it, worst case $0.49, but I think the upside is way better.
    This is just the start of something way bigger in my personal opinion. Not financial advice.

    • Thank you so much for giving back to your viewers 🙏🏾❤️I’m all the way from South Africa 🇿🇦 and I don’t miss a single video of yours I watched one of your videos a year ago and started buying some XRP now we almost at 1$ I mean what’s next ?!? 10$ 50$ ? 500$ ?!? What ever it is I’ll be here to watch you break it down, keep up the great content bro 👊🏾

    • @Dutch NFS Gaming there are many factors to the rise one major factor though is an increase in adoption and there is currently a big interest in crypto currency given the issues faced in the pandemic it’s a point open for discussion

  2. People should spend time studying market trends, historical data, and chart reading. Especially if you’re in the crypto space. Learn what corrections are. Learn about testing too. Yes this XRP boost recently feels great, but anyone with knowledge knows that quick of growth is not healthy. Look into the psychology of investing and trading. XRP was clearly undervalued, it’s showing so now. Stay patient. The next few weeks and months has big potential to add value and raise in price steadily.

  3. I already bought more, BUT I moved everything off of Coinbase as I have concerns that THEY might be the one manipulating the market.
    It seems that, with their announce their halt to margin trading, and coupled with the rather “favorable coincidence” for their system to crash Every time there’s a spike, makes it seem like they were manipulating the market to compensate for the losses (or cover their butts in case everyone cashed out).
    Yes, this is speculation, but at the very least: It just seems a little too convenient and timed out so well on multiple occasions.

  4. I’ve bumped into some reviews on GSX. They all think that it is worth it to invest this early. I’d like to know what you think about it. 😀

  5. I’m considering selling it all. This reminds me of November 2017. Same kind of punch and then it crashed. Whales will ALWAYS take profits.

  6. my rule is to invest what you can afford to lose , so ride it it to zero or too the moon, my point is, if your down to nothing, it shouldn’t affect you but if it go to the moon its life changing..

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