Prices DUMPING, Here’s Why XRP Could Hit $13.5, XLM $4.20 | Could We Still Get Rich This Crypto Run?

These are my thoughts, not financial advise, I could be 100% wrong about everything.
DO NOT take this as financial advice, Iโ€™m just a random guy on the internet.

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This is not financial advice!
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  1. it’s going to be hard not to sell as the price passes all time highs….but I am gonna try and stay and HODL strong till at least $50

  2. So I’m looking and holding for long term.
    So do u try and sell high and buy back on the dips or just hold(I don’t have much money to keep adding, which I’m ok with)

  3. Shitcoin back to the moon $0.5? What a joke……… compared to other crypto, bitcoin and ethereum, should be right now $0.2 at least……

  4. This youtuber is on crack!
    13 dollar xrp? Come on man who you BS’n. The crypto market would have to be in the trillions of dollars to hit that mark.

    • The speculation is that XRP is going to be used by central bankers starting in Jan. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s blowing up.

  5. ** These new PayPal buyer’s are getting their first taste of CRYPTO volatility !!! ๐Ÿ˜ (IoV)๐Ÿ”„

  6. As a newbie in bitcoin was quite stressful and discouraging till I met Maxwell Smith a genius who helped me trade and managed my account

  7. When you have the right source of earning, you Wil actually make it in life, my trade started improving since I met Maxwell so I thought I will share it to everyone so you can start earning profits as well, he is really good, understanding and guaranteed

  8. nice analysis mate! if only we had more people paying attention to the crypto market, the bullish movement on the crypto market these past weeks has been beneficial to both the hodlers and traders alike, but more for the traders. This i can say for fact because i personally being a signal user, i was able to trade and make profit running over 56k usd, although i had guidance from Sebastian Bryant, we all can agree it has being a good run for crypto assets. Being a signal user for a while, i can firmly say Sebastian’s signals are the real deal, i have made quite a lot using his signals and others as well. strictly for crypto inclined concerns sebastain can be reached on wats pp (+447782861037) and also teligram (sebastianbryan) .

    • Its a give and take in this system, your loss is another man’s gain. So to me trading is just one big crap to steal from us. although that won’t stop me from getting my share.

    • I wouldn’t call trading unrealistic, it has worked for me, although I was using signals and strategies. Using signals makes it less stressful if the source is legit.

    • I have over 5 signal providers I use, but they are all lazy asses without a good trading sense. So am just in need of a personal guide so I can learn for myself. I believe this guy is good enough for that from your analysis.

    • Trading involves technicalities, and I am not ready for that either. On a serious note, this price of bitcoin i looking good for hodlers and traders alike.

    • I made a withdrawal just last week, and those profits were because of Sebastian’s signals, I am proud to say I used his signals and they were just perfect and this withdrawal is something I worked for and am proud of it no matter the amount

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