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  1. And the news is… XRP isnโ€™t real crypto. It is centralized, you canโ€™t mine it, and if the centralized body wants more money it just creates more.

    • Well that’s the thing about XRP. You CAN’T just CREATE MORE. EVERYTHING was DESTROYED. They will NEVER make anymore.

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    • Buying bitcoin doesn’t make you a winner, the ability to make profit daily out of your capital is what makes you a winner, stop depending on the market price to make profit, choose Trading over Hodling

  3. You are using the wrong fractal in your BTC charts. You should be looking at January 4, 2017 as a comparison to today.

  4. come on 50K woot woot! maybe you can give away 50K xrp for your 50K sub giveaway…lmao hahahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ but seriously congrats!

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