Breaking Ripple XRP: This NEWS Might Blow Your Mind About Ripple XRP | EXTREMELY Bullish!

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  1. I didn’t think it was/is so crazy. If you zoom all the way out to 92 cent day (out of reach in such a short time IMO) then that was the splash and now we are seeing the smoothing of the ripples (no pun intended). It looks to me like we’re approaching the end of a wagging tail (not just XRP but all crypto). The upside is that the 25 cent norm is now a 52 to 55 cent norm. In other words: I see a pretty equal shaped, straight cone, going all the way back the low on the 23rd and the high on the 24th all the way to mid 50 cent area we’re looking at today. The wave is smoothing. Question is: What’s next? πŸ˜€ Does it break for a higher level from here to settle back down? Hmmm…. I’m hoping for similar repeats and new norms to be consecutively higher over the long term. Unless XRP gets some unforeseen blast in the face… I consider it to be a solution project first.

  2. Xrp has more real world use. Keep doing video bro. I love all these new 😍 videos you have been making.

  3. Hope I in with a chance to win the hundred XRP cause that would be cool and great to have . God Bless you πŸ™‚ !

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