This Is The Most Bullish Scenario For XRP & XLM | How High Can Prices Go? Will We Get Rich?!

I got sidetracked and forget some of the altcoins… Next vid there’s a 25 XRP giveaway winner announced, and vid after that too.

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  1. Can I really buy my first car from investing in xrp and xlm? X-factor, the difference is rp/lmπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ big ups buddies hoping to cruise in ma’benz with ya’all. #XRP

  2. I told people to buy when it was 17c before you have to wait for it to drop 20c or 30c to buy it cheap and now look where we are today im smiling and bags are stacked and full and ready to gooo yeeehhhh

  3. Just a question- why do so many people back xrp when it’s not open source? No white paper has ever been produced for xrp – meaning we don’t know for sure that more coins cannot be issued as an when they like?

  4. I have been putting my work on studying how the wave works in these days, its crazy . I’m new to trading in exchange. its so heart breaking when I invest when the price is at top😭 but luckily i have some more money in my hand to buy more when the price keep dropping couple of time till it start to stop going down.. and right now it start to go up again, but I hope it don’t go down any furtherπŸ˜…In long term I believe it will go up again.. but how high for it, I not sure.. I’m investing in XRP, but with my no brainer thought said it could go up to $3-4 only… but I did not expect that to come anytime soon.. probably will take years..
    Edit: I think the highest we can get is like $1.4 per XRP in within this year.. that’s the best bet I can say.. this is because I try to add 20billion on the market cap (most realistic way to think of) If we were about to take all bitcoin market cap, then it would reach $10 haha. Sorry if my English are a bit much Grammarly and vocabulary problem.. I’m from Malaysia πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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  5. When ripple goes ipo to the stock market will they still be representing xrp? Who will give xrp hype or sale xrp when ripple goes to the stock market ?because ripple have a lot of technology and there main asset been xrp so when they don’t have to sale xrp nomore to the banks etc and ripple uses the ledgner to be the Bridge of all currency because xrp or any coin is not going to be all money every country will have there own currency

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  7. For all those who invest today in the Stellar XLM, know that a corner dedicated to the deployment of smart contract technology finally exists on the Stellar network. Her name? EthereumX (ETX). You will find it available on stellarport in the “Exchange” tab then the “All” tab from there type ETX in the search menu, and bingo you are on the ETX / XLM market pair. ETX the future next star of the stellar network.

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