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  2. 5:25 Ripple wants to see banks succeed in the New World Order….yep…sure…nothing to see here…just conspiracy theory.

  3. 5:51The shock factor Mr Pool is referring to is not over XRP…’s all a reference to shocking news awaiting humanity and a transition from dark to light. Not EVERYTHING is about XRP.

  4. The things garlinghouse said about the new world order were rather interesting to say the least. Could we be more right than we had imagined?

  5. Hey shitVOD……2 years ago Shitcoin was at the same price…..and bitcoin was $6000…….. what a joke

  6. I think XRP will go up to 0.80 cents by mid-December. It’s still in a bullish market. However, that’s just my opinion. I’m no financial advisor.

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