Bitcoin Death Signal?: What the U.K. and HSBC Clampdown Really Means for the Cryptocurrency

HSBC, the largest bank in the U.K, will no longer be transacting with cryptocurrency exchanges; it will neither process crypto payments nor allow wallet-to-bank transfers. The news follows the country’s Financial Conduct Authority issuing a warning to avoid cryptos, noting that investors could lose all their money. Our Daniela Cambone speaks with industry insider Vince Lanci of Echobay Partners about the ramifications for bitcoin.

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  1. Just saw a video on Stansberry Research pushing bitcoin for the future,, completely behind bitcoin and possible other cryptos.. the banks don’t care for people,, they just care for profits,,, I hear that banks are going to start charging customers for storing their money in their accounts… fk that.. buy precious metals

  2. HSBC’s exposure to the Hong Kong real estate makes space impossible for Bitcoin, as people there massively buys Bitcoin to flee the Hong Kong dollars and the risks of real estate to fall…

  3. Banks hate things like gold and silver, it would be no wonder that they’d hate bitcoin as well. I think they’ll try to stop everything else so it can just be the same old dollars they can use to do their manipulation to make more profits. They’re definitely going to decide they don’t like bitcoin and it’s likely going to go down.

  4. Max Keiser is a pump and dump specialist. He was pumping $42 silver 10 years ago, silver is now $25 and JPM is still in business

  5. @ 4:50 into the interview. Spot on, the PTB will fck with the crypto industry until they have their own crypto to force on peeps by force. Basically ‘beatings will continue until moral improves’ that is your government.

  6. Protect the user.🤣

    By tanking the price, of course. “Don’t worry, XRP owners. We’re here to protect you.” “$40,000 Bitcoin is not what you want. We’re here to protect you, by driving it down to $40.”

    “Gee thanks, mom. What would we do without you? “

  7. Banks can of course keep printing, it just makes Bitcoin go to $1M per coin and more.
    So in that regards “Banks can’t fail” he said.

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