Litecoin | Crypto Experts Are Expecting HUGE GAINS | Litcoin News | $LTC Deep Dive!

Litecoin | Crypto Experts Are Expecting HUGE GAINS | Litcoin News | $LTC Deep Dive!

The world of cryptocurrencies is continuously expanding as new and interesting projects emerge in an attempt to bridge the gap between traditional finance and modern cryptocurrencies. And Chainlink is one such project which is attempting to bring interoperability to the blockchain industry.

Let’s kick off this video by explaining what chainlink is.

Chain link operates with blockchains and smart contracts or applications on the blockchain. But one important feature of smart contracts is that they cannot read data from the outside world. They can read timestamps. They can read a transaction value of their own, but that’s about it. To read the external data, they need oracles. A highly reliable, decentralized oracle network called chain links has a solution to this problem. We remove any single point of failure by allowing multiple chain links to test the same data before it gets used in the blockchain. There is certainly a need for something like this in cryptocurrencies, but how much value one connection-token might possibly be worth in the future since the link is a token of governance. The value here, therefore, depends entirely on how much value interacts with the network. How much future usefulness taps into the network.


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  1. By divesting from LTC, Charlie Lee made the absolute best move he could for the future of his coin. By doing so he got rid of all possible conflict of interest. And seeing as he works fulltime on the project, basically dedicating his life to its development it is also fair to say that LTC holders will all probably financially benefit far more from his work than he will. All in all this coin is solid, it’s never had down time on the network and it’s never been hacked. Overall LTC has a marketing issue more than anything else, they don’t care to advertise unlike every other Alt in existence and as such don’t often get hype trains. But they’ve practically secured their spot in the top five through fundamentals alone, so it would only take a few more major adopters (such as the PayPal partnership) to make it take off because by all accounts it’s as or more solid than ETH and BTC when it comes to functionality and accessibility.

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